Joel’s Jerk Hut Menu

1/4 Jerk Chicken $11.95

-Joel’s Jerk Sauces

-Negril Slaw


Chicken Sandwich $10.95

-Negril Slaw

-Jerk Mayo

-Joel’s Jerk Sauces

-fresh Brioche Bun


Jerk Street-Corn $7.95 (vg)

-Spicy Toasted-Coconut Crusted

-Husk on



Jerk Pork Steak $19.95

1’ thick (16oz)

Stewed Cabbage and Rice & Peas

-12 hour marinade

-stl style… sweet-‘ish and sticky


Tayse:  $14.95

1/4  Jerk Chicken

-Joel’s Jerk Sauces

-Rice & Peas

-Negril Slaw


Vital Ital: $11.95 (vg)

-Rice & Peas

-Negril Slaw

-Stewed Cabbage 

-Joel’s Jerk Sauces


Stewed Cabbage:  $6.95 / $9.95 (vg)

-Field Cabbage, carrots and onions 

-Scotch Bonnet Peppers


Negril Slaw:  $6.95 / $9.95 (vg)

-Napa Cabbage, Bok Choy, fresh pineapple, carrots and orange

-Scotch Bonnet Peppers

-extra virgin olive oil & rice vinegar


Rice & Peas  $6.95 /  $9.95 (vg)

Long grain rice and kidney beans

 coconut milk and thyme


Ala Carte Meat

Jerk chicken 

Leg $4.95

Thigh $6.95

Quarter $10.95


Sorrel $2.95 

-hibiscus iced tea

-lightly sweet 


Ginger Beer $2.95

-Jamaica’s most popular non-alcoholic beverage

Water, Ice-cold $1.95



Half Jerk Chicken $21.95

Whole Jerk Chicken $40.95

Half Jerk Chicken with two sides $26.95

Whole Jerk Chicken with two sides $45.95

(24 hour notice please)


Ol’ Skool Classic Jerk Pork

-by the 1/4lb


All of our chicken is antibiotic free.

We prioritize use of local farms




Is both:

a style of grilling over applewood


A pungent blend of tropical herbs spices

both hailing from Jamaica and other Tropical Islands